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I turned an old button-down shirt into a kids dress! Now I have the pattern, the next on I can do  in half the time!

WHAT A WEEK! - More Baby, Less Bathwater!

or what I am doing to quit social media, while still trying to connect with folks.

I remember when I first heard about that digital social network that my brother was on, it was only for college students of certain schools. It sounded really interesting! And one day when I heard you no longer had to be part of a university to join, I signed up! I wasn’t really sure what it was all about, but it was great to see what everyone was up to.

Now, I feel like that social network is more of a chore than a joy: While I go looking for funny pet pictures and what my love ones had for lunch, I seem to get a lot of drama, negativity and hype.

Don’t get me wrong: those things likely have meaningful roots, and deserve their time and place. But, I think things have gotten out of hand: too many hot vents, algorithms sending things to maximize clicks and 140 character thinking in favor of a few more thought through paragraphs.

I’ve slowly been limiting my social media consumption - putting barriers and hindrances in my way so it takes effort to check in.  But, I really do like that I get to read a personal newspaper of all the happenings of my family, friends and acquaintances.

So, I thought about it: what’s a way for me to stay connected, share thoughts, photos, events and observations without being part of a digital  social network. The answer came to me: a newsletter inspired by social networks! More Baby (solid content that people can browse through) and less Bathwater (hit or miss slogging through everything that gets thrown at you).

Here’s how I set it up:

Page 1 - 3 images from this week, and a longer copy piece.

Page 2 - A quick calendar update - things I did last week you may want to know about, and things that are coming up. And then, odds and ends:  reviews of things, for sale and help wanted, links to things I think are awesome. I’ve also left the bottom of the page open. I’ve got the notion to try to mail a few of these out, any maybe stuffing some stickers or something in the middle. Would you like to read this by mail?

Oh, another thing: I’m doing this in Google docs. If you want to do your own (and I hope you do), make a copy and send it out. I intend to distribute mine as images, emails and text, but if you find your way to the digital version, feel free to leave me comments on the doc.

I thought this was lovely: the sun reflecting off the brass through the grate.

When I drive at night, I’m really looking for lights on the road. Since I’ve been using the bike share for my commute, I wanted brighter lights higher up for the ride home.

Now I have  a headlamp on my helmet I think is the way to be seen!

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Dec 21 - Longest Night of the year!

Dec 22 - Days get longer!

Dec 25 - 🎄🎄🎄


I am going to set up the Noodle Truck out by the Golden Gate Bridge and invite folks to bring their thing! Or just hang out.  


Happy Mistakes - a Bob Ross Themed Night of Painting!


Maybe taking a trip in Minneapolis to see the Art Shanties

Evan is selling a limited edition of these Razzle Dazzle camouflage inspired bags! Support a working artist and get an amazing bag!

Great Cartoon

Someone linked to this great cartoon -

They all have a sort of positive message and this one in particular embodies the sort of response I wish I had to those sorts of comments. Good inspiration!

I Replaced A Thing

I love my notebook cover. When it recently started looking a bit broken down, I bought a replacement online, but it was much lower quality than my previous one. Maybe it was counterfeit?

So I used some leather I bought from a remnant bin and sewed a new one! I sometimes forget making things is a (fun!) option.

The Power of Peroxide!

Sometimes, I’ll shave my head before I go to sleep at night, and not notice I’ve cut myself, waking up with a blood stain on my pillow case. Not a problem: a bit of peroxide on it, and it almost instantly disappears. Run it through the wash, and it’s mostly gone! I’ve heard Shout is good too! Any other tips?



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