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This was on the desk of a cow-orker! They DIY’d a snowglobe! Evidently one of the tricks is to add glycerin or glue to the water. I’m turning ove ideas now!

You're Invited to an Adventure Potluck!

Or, what's the worst that could happen when you get some pranksters together to go on a mission we make up on the spot? LET’S FIND OUT!

A few years ago, I did an event called "Meeting of the Minds" where I got a bunch of people who I've never done projects with, to all do a thing together. This is very roughly based on the idea of “Ocean’s 11” - where a bunch of experts get together to combine skills to do an awesome thing.

We met on a bridge, everyone was told to dress fancy (for them), but also something that could get dirty. They were also asked to bring one smallish item that could be used as a prop, tool or curiosity, and we'd figure out an event right then and there from the items we brought. You can read more about it here: - but, in short, everyone had a great time!

I want to do it again in San Francisco (starting near the 24th St Bart), on the evening of Tuesday Feb 6, 2018. If you are reading this, YOU ARE INVITED! Send me an email/text/call for exact spot and time!

Some details:

  • Adventure Potluck will happen Tuesday Feb 6, 2018 @ 7 PM, near the 24th St Bart, San Francisco, CA -  RSVP for address.

  • As stated before: wear something “fancy” for you, but also be okay with the possibility to get dirty. We could wind up in a hotel or a storm drain! Walking shoes are good.

  • Bring one thing (a small prop / a tool / something fun to show to a stranger, but something you can easily carry), probably smaller than a toaster oven.

  • We’ll meet at 7 PM. We share props and come up with an idea. We leave at 8 PM. (Or, if you aren’t feeling it, this is when you bail!) We do our thing, but no matter what, we are DONE at 10:30. The hard stop at 10:30 makes sure folks can get to work the next day, provides a constraint to get us to work fast, and if things aren’t going well, is a merciful out for everyone.

  • We’ll do this no matter how many people come. If the group gets bigger then 12, we’ll split into groups of 6 - 12 people.

  • Please be “ready to play” - be positive and present, ready to be mobile, collaborative, have your biology inputs and outputs sorted.

  • For meet up location - email/text/call me to RSVP. Please do this ASAP!

Saw this poster up in  neighbor’s window: Free City is free tuition for City College students who have established California residency and live in San Francisco.

This one goes out to all my fellow wanderers out there who really enjoy a lonely bench in the middle of nowhere, looking out over the amazing things in the distance. Any guesses on where this is? Let me know!

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- Jan 24 - Biq Quiz Thing!


- Feb 2 - Super Bowl! Best weekend to go to a museum, park or shopping!

- Feb 6 - Adventure Potluck - bring a thing smaller than a toaster oven, and we do an impromptu street event.

- Feb 9 -  taking a trip in Minneapolis to see the Art Shanties

- TBD - Happy Mistakes - a Bob Ross Themed Night of Painting!

- TBD - A Distributed Dance Party is in the works, so I hear!

Doc Pop is my hero when it comes to getting things done! Last week I told you about his comics. This week, he launched a yo-yo:  The Executive is a high quality, nickel plated, ball bearing yo-yo in a mini-size.

Available exclusively at:

West Coast / Best (Foods) Coast?

Get the Hell(man’s) out of here!

I was so confused. Why, I wondered, would Hellman’s change their name! Who doesn’t find Hellman’s to be synonomous with mayonnaise?  Evidently anyone who lives West of the Rocky Mountains.

Yes, Hellman’s and Best Foods mayonnaise are the same thing, but Hellman’s is the brand name to the ease and Best Foods to the West. While I am still in culture shock, you can find out more here:

I’ve had a great time browsing Crowd Supply! It’s a crowdfunding platform, but it seems to take integrity very seriously, and has a focus on electronic hardware. Their mission is to bring original, useful, respectful hardware to life, and unlike other platforms, stress actual delivery. Each items seems to be someones true passion! I can’t say I understand every item, but they all intrigue me! And as someone that’s been feeling a bit uninspired by tech, this is refreshing!

Franz and Station

For my work, I use a lot of web apps: Gmail, Gcal, Slack, Spark, Jira. Things can get lost on tabs, and the dreaded red circles with numbers in them can be panic inducing. So, I’ve been using Franz - it sticks each app into its own window seperate from my other browser tabs, and gives me a total of all alerts. It also lets me log in to multiple accounts on a service, meaning I can log in to two or three gmail accounts at once. (I have my reasons!)  A co-worker recommended a similar app called Station, and I am comparing the two. Do you have a favorite?  and



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