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The Magnolia tree out my window has decided to bloom, despite that it’s winter. I love you, tree.

My Next Smartphone Is A Magazine!

Or, how leaving my cell phone at home on a Saturday was one of the best holidays I’ve had in awhile...

I’m in traffic, and realize my phone isn’t in the car. I left it at home.

I _could_ turn around, and go grab it. But, it’s getting late and my plans for the day include taking my truck to get inspected - and before I do that, I want to drive to Pacifica and back to make sure the catalytic converter gets hot enough to do it’s thing before the inspection. (And in case you don’t know, the drive there is BEAUTIFUL…)

And so I decided:  I’ll just spend the day without the phone.

I follow road signs to Pacifica, and do a big loop back to the city. It was great knowing the way, and having the road signs to help out, and not keeping an eye on the little screen with the arrows.

I get to the smog inspection place (Clean Air Smog Star Station, across from DNA lounge), and luckily they are open, and the truck passes!

I decide to head to Costco, and get groceries. While wandering the aisles, I thought that maybe a good idea to help keep the cell phone at ba is to start carrying a magazine with me, so I have something to read besides the phone...

“No, I’m already in line” I heard the guy behind me say, as we were waiting to check out. We were a couple/few carts back from the register, so a few moments later, the phone goes into his pocket, and I turn to him and say, “Want me to watch your cart?”

In retrospect, I felt a little bad: I was admitting I overheard his conversation, and was inserting myself into his life. But, it was just the way I was raised, I guess: Mom always had a knack for striking up conversations in check out lines, and I guess I picked it up along the way.

He smiled, and said, no, that it was ok. It was his wife, and he had checked a few times before he got into line, and he wasn’t going back into the store now. (It also seemed to be something they didn’t really need.)  

From there we talked about his kids, NPR, his working for MUNI but how he takes BART back and forth from the East Bay, and how he was going to grab a slice of pizza and eat it on the way home. A friend invited him to play soccer that night, and he didn’t want to eat too late. We also talked about how both of us were bearish on social media and cell phones these days. Thanks, Julio, for a nice chat. I don’t think it would have happened if I had my cell with me.

I just picked up a copy of Harper’s magazine tonight, and have been inspired by the writing. I’m looking forward to plowing through it, in it’s full three dimensions. And, my cell? Well, I’m a lot less worried about my cell running out of batteries...


Whenever I buy a dried spice, I write the purchase date on it, so I know how old it is. Here is some basil I bought this week!

When is a dime worth $7? When it is in mint condition and from 1967!  Ok, while this dime I got is from 1967, it is not in mint condition, so closer to 10¢, but I still love finding old coins!

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- Jan 31 - 3:45am - 7:00am - A Blue Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse!


- Feb 2 - Super Bowl! Best weekend to go to a museum, park or shopping!

- Feb 6 - Adventure Potluck - bring a thing smaller than a toaster oven, and we do an impromptu street event. Contact me for details!

- Feb 9 -  taking a trip in Minneapolis to see the Art Shanties

- Feb 14 - Decentralized Dance Party SF! - 6 PM

- TBD - Happy Mistakes - a Bob Ross Themed Night of Painting!

Anybody Got An Airplane? 

Or a boat? Or a hot air balloon? Or some other amazing, interesting or tricked out vehicle or craft?

Want to take me and a few friends out for a ride in exchange for gas money / expenses and a meal?

We’re starting GAS CLUB - a group of people pooling money to buy gas for rides in vehicles people have and would LOVE to take out, but the cost of gas is standing in the way.

Simply: You Fly/We buy. Send me a note for details for either side of the equation!

Boil Cinnamon for a Fresh House, Bonus Vinegar Tip!

Cooking smells can take over a house, which isn’t so great when you are roasting off a Costco-sized bag of garlic.

When I need to clear the air of smells, I grab my Costco-sized bottle of cinnamon, dump two-ish spoonfuls in about 4 cups of water, whisk it up, bring it to a boil and let simmer. The house smells like cinnamon, then all the smells dissipate. I’ve read it doesn’t just mask the smell either -  something about the cinnamon itself being acidic and actually “scrubs” the air.

When time is a bit more crunched, I also get in on the “airborne acid to clean the air” by taking the spray bottle of vinegar I have in for cleaning countertops, turning on a fan, and spraying vinegar into the air. I’m always surprised how quick this works!

HQ Trivia - I love it! (For now…)

I heard about HQ trivia and decided to try it for myself. It’s really a novel idea, as far as I can tell: once a day (and twice a day during the work week) the app has a 15 minute trivia game. It’s a combo of live action video (and regular host Scott Rogowsky is adorkable!) with trivia questions superimposed over top. There is a real cash prize, and the players who get all of the nights questions right split the pot.

It’s been fun! I’ve played once or twice just myself, but I’ve started playing with my deskmate at work, and it’s been a really fun bonding / watercooler moment. I also brought it out at a birthday party this weekend, and it was fun to get people to gather around: I learned a bunch about the people there and it provided some good conversation openers. The social aspect is really interesting: creating a NOW moment in a world of “get it whenever you want it”, and we all get to contribute to solving “the problem”.

Another neat thing: no website besides, and the download pages in the app store and that’s it!

They haven’t really started running ads yet, but with brand names sprinkled throughout, it seems like it is only time until they do. (Hey, everyone has to eat.) But it does have that wild west, we’re-figuring-it-out feel I like so much! That said, I can see myself deleting it soon: the daily nature feels a bit too addicting!



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