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I woke up and saw the lunar eclipse from the top of Bernal Hill. It was fun!  But I was really struck by how amazing the city looked going from moonlight to daylight.

This was taken by someone else! 

I’m a frequent listener to FriendPR

It’s like NPR, but it’s just listening to your friends

while you are busy doing something else.

When I do the Lost Horizon Noodle Truck, I’m often engrossed in the work of putting ingredients together into bowls, dropping noodles into boiling water, and pouring broth from the giant steaming pots. It’s repetitive work, and I often feel myself getting lost in it. One of the things that happens in the flow state is I become very aware of what I refer to as FriendPR - a play-on-words from NPR.

Just as NPR is a bunch of experts talking about topics, FriendPR is a group of your friends sitting around, talking about things, often things they know a lot about. What makes this different from being part of a conversation is, you’re just listening, and everyone knows you are just listening, and you know the backstories of the folks speaking, and you can sometimes figure out what they are about to say as often as you are totally surprised by what comes out of their mouths.


In the Noodle Truck, I really enjoy having my head down over my work and hear conversation roll around me. In fact, the true source of inspiration for the layout of the truck came from a Thanksgiving dinner, where my family, long past the meal being done, was having a long conversation, and I was fascinated by how people I’ve know my whole life were bringing up things I never knew they were interested in. So, the layout for the truck is done to sort of trap people, make them wait, have them sit slightly too close for comfort (just like Thanksgiving!), and facing directly across the way, but at the same time make them feel safe by having their backs to the wall, and a gap between the two galley tables.

This happens to me at dinner parties as well: I really enjoy working on setting up a course or doing the dishes and putting things away as long as there are some people bantering at the table as I clink plates and glasses back to their rightful places.

Recently, a friend asked me to help with a podcast idea that was basically the same thing: us talking to our friends, and hearing their stories around their projects and their life, but with a particular point of view.. I couldn’t be happier to spend more time hearing friends stories and sharing them, and am looking forward to do the research!

Know anything about podcasting? I’d love to get tips on approaches / formulas / best practices and equipment!

So, when someone invited me to see the sunrise from the top of Corona Heights this weekend, I couldn’t resist!

This was taken by someone else! (And it’s a sunset!)

Tactical Brunch made an appearance at the sunrise gathering. It was great to pull out the cases, and with some minimal effort, restock and be able to hit the road! Let me know if you know of a good place / time for Tactical Brunch to make an appearance.

Ok, this picture was taken in 2013, but it’s what it looks like!

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- Feb 6 - Adventure Potluck - bring a thing smaller than a toaster oven, and we do an impromptu street event. Contact me for details!

- Feb 9 & 10 - La Petite Mort's Valentines Extravaganza (see side panel)

- Feb 14 - Decentralized Dance Party SF! - 6 PM

- Feb 18 - Want to meet me at the Hornet out in Alameda to go on a tour?

- TBD - Happy Mistakes - a Bob Ross Themed Night of Painting!

Doc Pop’s Bolt Part 2!

Doc just launched ANOTHER yo-yo! I told you about his “exectuive” yo-yo, but he just started a Kickstarter for a full size yo-yo. AND HE MADE A MUSIC VIDEO FOR IT! THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD, I CAN’T STOP SINGING IT!

Link to the Kickstarter on his site:

La Petite Mort's Valentines Extravaganza - Feb 9 & 10

Live action puppet theater make an appearance in SF in a garage!

La Petite Mort is the "puppet" theater. It's an amazing, high energy show where they narrate stories while the audience/puppets (who have never heard the stories before) act them out on stage, with the help of costumes, sets, and props handed to them on the spot.

The show is Valentines themed, it explores the concepts of love and romance, but it will be closer to "deranged and ridiculous" rather than "saccharine".

Bring your partner or bring your whole polycule!  Bring your favorite enemy or come with a group of friends! And if you come by yourself they guarantee you'll make a friend or two (unless you don't want to, but then you have to PROMISE to say "I didn't come here to make friends")

Tickets are $25 on Eventbrite, and includes light refreshments and drinks!

Hat tip to Tess and Nerine for the info on this!

Samsonite Tote-A-Ton 32.5 inch Duffel (in black) - 32.5 x 17 x 11.5

My projects often involve me moving a lot of stuff around, and while I am a big fan of attached lid containers as they stack well and are of a manageable size, this type of bag is my go to when things get supersized!

The product description is “durable yet lightweight duffel holds as much as a trunk”, and that rings true for me. The material and construction of this bag has me slinging it over my shoulders and throwing it in my truck with no worries of it shredding or coming apart.

As this is just a big cube with handles, it’s easy to consolidate several bulky or awkward things into one bundle. And, in a pinch, I’ve been able to throw the bag on my back, using the handles as makeshift backpack straps!

While it comes in a number of colors, I go for black because I know I am going to beat up this bag, and in black, it keeps looking good!



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