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because I forgot to take pictures...

They claim their kernels are smaller, so they don’t get stuck in your teeth. I generally agree!

Minneapolis is really (not that) cold!

Or, I like what I’ve already got, but had no idea until I wanted it.

Some things you just have to experience to believe. I’ve spent much of my life living in places where winter meant temperatures around 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I was always cold. And now I live in San Francisco, and find it chilly in the 50’s. But going to Minneapolis knowing the temperature were going to be around 6 or 7 degrees, I wasn’t prepared for it to not feel that bad! I’m guessing it has been so cold so long, the air is very dry, and the sunny days made it feel no worse than 30ish degrees. Which I expect you to doubt! I’m sure I would  just reading it, but it’s one of those things you have to experience to believe…

Why go somewhere I thought may be awful? For years I’ve wanted to see the Art Shanties, artist made huts out on a frozen lake. And they were great! Each one had a unique service or experience inside. One let you notarize an official, if nonsensical, proclamation with an actual notary. Another a small boat that rocked back and forth. Another that was a tomb to the unknown minnow. All out there for a month on the ice. I was really impressed with their dedication, their production/performance level,  as well as the amount of fun they were having!

My host was the wonderful Al Daniels. We got a tour of the inspiring costume shop they work at, making mostly of Henson character costumes. I even learned some of the tricks they use to make them look more lifelike! Al also took me to a great cafe with a downstairs pinball arcade and we explored the nuances of smoked fish! (A food I am going to have to spend more time with!)

Al also suggested we go to the Walker’s Museums showing of The Little Box Sauna - a custom built sauna trailer. I didn’t know much about it, but I love mobile art and spa/sauna stuff, so it seemed like a great idea. It was truly lovely, well thought out and lovingly executed. The running outside in a swimsuit to cool down really confused the other museum patrons! The artist and her dad were there, andy they had a great story: she was a professor in architecture, she designed  it with another person and her dad worked on the build. permitting was a challenge, but those sorts of challenges that aid civic growth. She also spoke of traveling all over the world and the different sorts of spas she had visited across many countries.

At some point, I could feel a ray of jealousy rise up: how great to have an art practice that would compel you to see the world through spas and culture around them! I wish I had an art practice like that! And, then, much to my internal embrasement, a small voice in me said, “you do.” I mean, there I was in an mobile art thing in a place I’ve never been, exchanging ideas with like minded folk, compelled by an art practice of mobile art and civic engagement.

It was an odd experience to sharply want something, then realize I already had it. It was interesting to see something so starkly and then realize how lucky I am.

But, some things you just have to experience to believe.

Evening In Missoula tea! It’s a blend, and it smells like Dr. Pepper!

We saw a table and chairs affixed to a ceiling. We talked about how to make mirrors to put under trees to make it look like you are flying in the sky. This paint came up. You spray on the reverse side. On the side you spray, it is a bit grey. But on the other side, it’s a mirror!

Have you used it? Do you recommend it?

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- Feb 14 - Decentralized Dance Party SF! - 6 PM - 11 PM

- Feb 15 - A lil’ DOG told me this night in CHINATOWN will end with a BANG

- Feb 19 - Presidents Day

- TBD - Happy Mistakes - a Bob Ross Themed Night of Painting!


- Mar 1-3 - Gorins sample sale

- Mar 11 - Start of Daylight Savings - Spring Forward!

DDP Hoody

Do you love the DDP? Do you envy Michael’s fashion style? Then why not get one of your own DDP sweatshirts. They also have other colors and styles!

Magowans Infinite Mirror Maze @SF's Pier 39

There’s something about the atmosphere at Pier 39 that set me and my friend Julie on edge. Something about the ingenuous tourist trap consumer culture that they’ve been able to refine to its purest form. We nearly turned back before we got to this marvel. I’m so glad we pushed through.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever been to before: it evokes joy, awe, glee, fascination and terror at the same time. It’s premise seems so simple, but it truly blew my mind. I truly enjoyed my time there, but I have to admit I was glad when we solved the way out. I highly recommend it! And a bargain at $5.

Tell a Joke to the Sea Lions At Pier 39

Once we got out of the Mirror Maze, we ran out of Pier 39 as fast as possible! But, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t visit the sea lions.

We then did one of my favorite corny things to do: we told the sea lions jokes. The sea lions sound like they are laughing, especially at night when there are just a few of them. You can never totally bomb a joke when you tell it to them!

Here’s Julie’s joke: What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator! My joke involved jam and jelly and a punchline I don’t want to publish… That said, the sea lions laughed and laughed and laughed. Good times.

Want someone to play along with an interactive experience? Say this:

“Would you like to see a magic trick?” While doing the Adventure Potluck last week, we were trying to find ways to directly engage strangers in an immersive interactive experiences. But, wow, that’s a mouthful for an approach. What we found that was easy for us to say, and easy for someone to find some common understanding was “Would you like to see a magic trick?” This allowed them to get a gist that: this was going to be just a couple of moments, something weird was going to happen, and generally they were going to be confused and delighted. And generally, the experience we did was pretty magic!



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