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I had dinner in Chinatown and got the fortune: It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

Chinatown, are you flirting with me? 😌

After Action Report: Adventure Potluck - Feb 6

Or: “Want to see a magic trick?” really is a magical invocation...

Adventure Potluck: an event where we meet up at a cafe at 7 PM, everyone puts an item on the table and tells a few things about it. By 8 PM, we’ve devised some sort of action around those objects and are out doing it. No matter what is happening, the event is done at 10:30 PM. Here is the report from Feb 6.

Location - Cafe La Boheme - who seems to have the most amazing bathroom technology and layout!

Agents - R.R, D.S., J.R. and myself.

Objects - Glow in the dark rocks, a wireless doorbell with multiple tones, a copy of You Are a Circle covered in gold paper, a tile (unused)

Action: After we all presented our items, we went around and all offered ideas on how to use then. When we focused our ideas all starting on the book, the final idea came out: We show a passerby a glow rock that hasn’t been in the light, so it is dark. We’d ask the passerby to read a random page of the book. While they do that, we palm a glow in the dark rock and shine a flashlight on it, so the rock  glows. We tell them the joy in their heart has lit up the rock, and give the the rock to the person reading the passage. When we hand them the rock, we play an angelic bell on the wireless door bell.


The event was great: it was small, attended by both the intent and the bewildered. We struggled, and we were scared. We created magic - for others and ourselves. We were exhausted at the end. We truly felt alive.

We were unsure how to start: how would we approach strangers so they didn’t feel uncomfortable. We said we just needed to do it once. And then agent R.R. ran into a group of four friends they know. It was someone’s birthday. Suddenly all 4 were getting the experience. We were emboldened by the experience.  

We went to the ice cream parlor. We ate ice cream: we stole someone else's by accident, so we worked them in the act, got them their ice cream, and got a second one for ourselves to. We learned a key phrase to get people to participate with us: would you like to see a magic trick? It was amazing!  

We recruited more people and ran into more friends. All of them had a great time. Then we all got cold and sugar crashed and went home, after a good round of hugs.

Wanna be part of the next one? Let me know and ‘ll be sure to send you an invite!

This coyote was so handsome: silent, poised, focused. Photo credit to Julie

Finding this place was an adventure, climbing the hill was challenging. The view was worth it all.

Photo credit to Julie.

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- Feb 19 - Presidents Day

- TBD - Happy Mistakes - a Bob Ross Themed Night of Painting!


- Mar 1-3 - Gorins sample sale

- Mar 11 - Start of Daylight Savings - Spring Forward!

Rusty’s Electric Dreams

My newsletter is VERY directly influenced by Rusty’s newsletter inbox zine. (“Invox zine” is a term she coined, and a MUCH better name.

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Here is the description from her site:

“one of the most inspiring, weird and off-kilter collections of curated kitschy ephemera for the big-brained” and as, “the ‘New Yorker’ of the weirdos.”

It is one of my weekly “must reads”!

My Joy of the Jetway

One of my favorite parts of traveling by air, is when you are leaving the wonderful temperature controlled pocket of the plane, and on your way to the terminal up the jetway, for a moment you get to experience the local weather. Sometimes it is a balmy heat, or a frigid cold, or a crisp bit of precipitation, but I love it all the same. It’s sort of like getting a movie trailer for the weather!

Achievement Unlocked: Comparative Neighborhoods for more than one city

When I was hanging out in Minneapolis, I asked my friend, relative to San Francisco, what neighborhood she lives in. She said “it’s like SOMA”, and I had an instant idea of what the neighborhood was like. I asked about what about other neighborhoods from SF, and she was able to help map them to Minneapolis.

Something about being able to translate cities into both New York City and San Francisco makes me feel rather proud. Now to learn other cities! (Pro tip: BART is not the subway. BART is PATH, and MUNI is the subway.)

Why I Now Want to Visit Small Town Hardware Stores When I Travel

We went to hike to a small lake north of San Francisco, and J.R. suggested we go to the hardware store, as they needed a few things. I LOVE going to the hardware store! It’s like a world of opportunities and solutions ready to go. And I love seeing how all the things are organized.

Were we going to go the big box one? By default, that’s where I head, as they are the ones open when I can get there. No, J.R. said. There was a REALLY good independent one, and they wanted me to see it. (Oh, you know me so well!) Well, we didn’t go to that one either, we got that store confused with a smaller one. And thank goodness.

I sort of forgot how SPECIFIC small town hardware stores get. They carry smaller brands, and products specific for the climate, environment and needs of their community. And the people working there, well, they were really insightful and helpful. When J.R. asked about a specific bug problem, they told them NOT to buy something, but to do some workarounds instead! Well, I’m a convert.  I’m looking forward to spending more time in small hardware stores!



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