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I saw a Bee Line Bikes Truck. It’s a real business that does bike repair in a truck!

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A Few Good Word Combos For Your Week

Or, where my head goes while I’m working really hard.

This weeks newsletter was going to be so good! I was going to write up the most amazing thing. And then my week got going, and the day-to-day of working really hard at my current gig zapped me, and I just wasn’t up to the task of writing my grand tritise on a that thing.

Which actually gets me really excited: I tend to get my best inspiration right after I’ve worked on something really hard like this. It’s like, my brain is used to being fully-engaged/over-taxed, and when it doesn’t have problems to work on, it turns the creative problem solving over to fun things. Wondering what that will be!  I can tell it’s coming, because I’ve started identifying really lovely phrases (which are really, much better if you say them aloud):

Lovely Salad

I think it’s mostly the consancance I like.

Economy Poncho

For something that will likely be very flimsy, it sounds so sturdy!

Night Dentist

There is something so evocative: a soft drilling by moonlight…

Cloud Gardner

Such a lovely crop coming in from the southwest...

Abandoned Orchid

J.R sent me an image from a flower show, it was of signs that said “temporary plant caretaker” and “not responsible for plants/items left after show hours”

Burrito Haze

Over video conference, the feeling a co-worker said they felt after coming from another meeting that had provided breakfast burritos.

Creeper Speaker  

K.B. coined this one over dinner - this is any AI connected speaker - like Amazon’s Echo with Alexa, or Apple HomePod and Sire or Google Home.

I’m looking forward to writing that other article soon! But until then, I’ll be looking for some more interesting turns of phrase.  Got one or two? Send them to me!

Smokey, A Good Mule - a monument to the favorite mule of the man who made “Borax” a thing.

(Not my photo)

If you invite me to do a sound check in a cave late at night, don’t be surprised when I say yes.

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Bombay Beach Biennale

Via Rusty:

A little birdie just sent me info on this year's Bombay Beach Biennale (BBB), the underground art festival in Salton Sea. I can't share the dates but can share that it's happening real soon.”


"As an anti-establishment and community building experience, the entire event is free of charge; it is not about making money. There is no advertising. There is no marketing. The only agenda is saving the Sea."

This is the sort of thing that makes me really excited! The FAQ is great.




  • Only 500 free tickets will be issued.
  • A limited number of tickets are being offered on our Fundraising Campaign. Donations are tax deductible.”

Techshop in SF has been reborn as

There is an SF Chronicle article, but it seems that Techshop in SF, which recently closed abruptly when Techshop filed for bankruptcy, is being reopened as TheShop.Build.

But, I found out about it by trying out a new bike route home.  I.Z. has told me that if you sign up soon, any classes that you took to qualify for machines at Techshop (SBU’s) will transfer, if you can show competency. Here’s their welcome email.

It’s Strawberry Season!

While I do not have the same enthusiasm some may for decorative gourds, I can say that hearing it is strawberry season made me smile ear to ear. In season produce also tends to be the most affordable, so now is time to dig in!

Cheese Ends at Whole Foods

I have a tendency to get VERY OVERWHELMED when there are a plethora of choices but not a lot of context, and I lack a deep understanding of the subject matter. I find this happening in music stores (I really don’t know many artists or have a great understanding of music)  and in bookstores (so many authors and so many books) . There is just so much, how would I ever even begin to choose?!

I can feel the same way when I look at a cheese case. All those wedges! Which is why I like to get cheese ends at Whole Foods. Cheese ends are bits of really nice cheese that are a bit too small to put out on their own, but too large to just be discarded. Whole Foods usually puts them in a little basket somewhere, and they tend to be $1 or $2. I recently got some cheese with truffles in it! Such a nice find! And I only had a to “bet” a dollar on it!

And just to put it out there, KB turned me on to Brillat-Savarin and I love it! Humbolt Fog is also great in my book too!


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