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I am really excited to find out that there is a Cardenas Market in Oakland! This was the best Mexican market ever: huge, sparkling clean, the free samples were carnitas tacos and the whole parking lot smelled like fresh tortillas. Best of all: the cut fruit bar!  

I got to go to the Bombay Beach Biennial!

Or, wow is it nice to go to someone else’s art party at the ends of the world.

I’ve been know to throw an event or two at the “ends of the world” - out of the way forgotten places where people turn up their creative expression. The thing with that is if you are throwing the party, you don’t ever really get to go.  So, when I got the tip that “I SHOULD DONATE NOW” to the Bombay Beach Biennial, I was happy to find out it was the weekend I picked to travel to meet up with T.T. somewhere in the country. With a bit of explanation, T. T. (no stranger to working with discarded materials) was down for the adventure!

I thought the production value they were able to generate was impressive! And that so much of what they made are architecturally permanent really blew my mind. So much investment went in to it.

It also made me think about how, now that we have satellite generated maps of the entire world, and a fairly well connected population, “new frontiers” are harder to find, and really what is left to explore is what has been discarded or forgotten. A bit bleak sounding, but when you seen how things can be remixed and reimagined, it gets pretty exciting.

“WAIT WAIT! DOES THIS MEAN YOU ARE GOING TO BE LAZY AND JUST POST PHOTOS OF YOUR TRIP?” you may ask.  It does, indeed, mean that, Dear Reader (a delightful poem). (Another good link for Dear Reader - an essay, but also a purposefully terrible poem.)

I now know what I would buy if I won the lottery: An EarthRoamer. Okay, probably not a real one: they are $500K new to start and I’m not that fancy... But an RV thing that is more of a pickup that a truck? Yes, please.

Disorient seems to have bought a house in Bombay Beach and did a stunning installation there. But, I nearly missed it because someone took a German fire truck, and added airplane cockpits as skylights. (Photo by T. T.)

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