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I went for a walk along the coast this weekend. I learned that whale watching is December - April (a few weeks left!) and Pacifica has lizards all over the place, I also really liked the nook in this barrier. There was about a 1 inch square opening in the concrete, which was enough room for a succulent to start up. Nature always finds a way...

One Good Churn Deserves Another

Or, when life gives the lactose-avoidant butter, make ghee!

Planning ahead is usually one of my strengths, but in this particular situation, it didn’t exactly pan out.

As I mentioned I accidentally quit coffee and dairy. (I’m still having some issues getting motivated/focused, my morning rituals are off and I still feel a pang for an old vice when I pass an espresso machine. But that is all getting easier. )

But my quitting came at a bit of an awkward time: earlier that week I thought I was going to be doing a lot of cooking at home, went to Costco and got milk (2 gallons) and butter (8 sticks). I also had a bunch of tea and coffee. I couldn’t let it go to waste! But, um, I also wanted the temptation out of the house...

The milk went to N.N. - who said they were going to make yogurt with one of the gallons, and the other was going to a coworker who’s family cereal habit has them going through gallons of milk every 3 days. Another friend stopped by, and left with a bag full of PG Tips, Barrys, several green teas, & some cans of coffee.

All that was left was the butter. Which for some reason, felt even weirder to pawn off on someone then two gallons of milk. I’ve heard that ghee was okay even for diets that restrict dairy, so I looked in to it: here, another and another. A quick search for “ghee + slow cooker” lead to  some good insights, so I decided to try it out.

In sum, you turn a slow cooker on high, put in your sticks of butter and wait about three hours. Your house fills with the aroma of warm butter. You skim off the bubbles on top. Your pour the hot liquid through a strainer, and that liquid solidified in to ghee. The 8 sticks of butter were about 2 quart sized mason jars. Odd thing: I used salted butter, and it’s not salty at all….

This reminds me of a quote I refer to often as someone who plans things for a living:

A plan is nothing, planning is everything.

While preparing for the situation as you understand it is important, staying nimble when situations change, not getting too tied to one plan, and being able to make the most of the hand one is dealt, and knowing when and how to diverge from the plan, can be all the difference. The “learning experience” element can be great! (At least it gives you something to write about… Heh...)

The dog stuffed animal I an working on as practice is coming along! My hand stitching is getting better!

(not my photo)

Someone did a fantastic job of putting a new coat of paint on the turn around at Ocean Beach….

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Knife Tank -

Doc Pop keeps on making more stuff! Check out his iOS game - Knife Tank: The Haunting. It’s a sequel to the online game Knife Tank!

“It’s your lucky day. Sure your bus broke down and you can't find your iPhone, but there’s a sinister mansion down the street that will surely have a phone you can use…


You’ll have to solve the puzzles and keep your wits about you to survive this point-and-stab adventure game. Crashfaster provides the eerie chip music soundtrack that fits perfectly with the hand drawn art style.

A Poem by Paul Madonna

In hard times, beauty can seem frivolous.

But take it away, and all you're left with...

is hard times.

In New York the weekend of May 4

It has come to my attention that there is some art, bad ideas and general celebration that I should be attending in NYC the weekend of May 4. What else is going on that weekend? Wanna meet up? Got a place for me to stay? Let me know!

Peephole Cinema

D.S. and and I were finishing up lunch, and they asked if I knew about the Peephole Cinema. I didn’t! Let’s go, they said, and we were suddenly on a tour of several back alleys around Mission street, looking for it. A few wrong turns, and a QUICK consult of a mobile phone, and we were there: in an alley, not far from the street, was a little sign with an eye on it.  Below, was a little lens embedded into the wall! Peering in, you could see a tiny video screen playing some fun art videos. You can find more info about it here: and here:

There also seems to be a Los Angeles and New York City incarnations. More info on those here:

Buffer - how to schedule your social media posts

I was talking about social media with D.B. and D.M.P, two smarty creative types, and one of them says something about an application called Buffer, and the other person totally agrees that it is the right tool for the job. But, I had no idea what they were talking about.

After a brief explanation, and a bit of digging (, it turns out Buffer is a tool that allows you to schedule your social media posts throughout the day, so that you don’t have to be chained to your computer, sending out stuff all day. Makes me wonder if maybe you could use it to send out clues to a game throughout the day...


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