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D.G.  did a fantastic job of throwing the Saftey Fest party! I even got this photo from J.E.’s photo booth:

My Fresh Perspective On Old New York

Or, there may be no there there, but there certainly is a who...

During my recent  trip to New York, A.T.D. asked me what the biggest change I noticed about the city? After a moment of thinking about it, I said “me”.  (It was a close tie to all of the multi-colored bright lights that seem to be lighting up all of the towers in the city. What’s up with that?)

While it is accurate to say I moved to San Francisco, it’s probably more accurate to say I moved out of New York. I found myself in a rut there: I’d sort of run out of “new” in New York. Not that new things weren’t happening, but my nostalgia for the way things were kept me from appreciating them. Nostalgia is the mind killer, to adapt a line from Dune.

Being in San Francisco has been good for me: a whole new city to explore, and getting easier access to nature is amazing. (Want to experience awe? Go and see a grove of mature redwood trees.) The near total lack of weather (as I know it) has been amazing! It’s also been good as it let me move away from a lot of the aggressive, angry and abrasive characteristics that living in New York  tends to encourage. I’ve cleaned up my diet, and my mood has been markedly more stable. I like to say it feels like I was a plant in a pot too small, and repotting myself has let my mental and emotional roots grow.

I also have a new perspective on New York after living across the continent: Everyone has style! (And it’s so easy to spot the tourists.) There are so many different sorts of people! (And it’s really clear HOW pervasive tech culture is in SF.) People show you their power by how they can help you, not by how they can obstruct you. (Hat tip to

A.R. for that observation!) Also, there have been a couple cycles of evolution, but being removed for a bit, it’s easier to be happy with their replacements. (Walking down Franklin street in Crown Heights was really interesting! Although I was quiet for about 10 minutes when I figured out East Village Cheese wasn’t there any more…) And, people were out late - sizeable groups of people doing things at 1 AM. People’s drive made it seem that getting something done was almost as smile as just saying it.

A.T.D. also asked if there was any specific special place  in NYC that we should go. I thought about it, and said “no”. For me New York is it isn’t a specific place that’s interesting, it’s what you do there - walking through neighborhoods and seeing people doing things -  is interesting. The house / workshop venue where people are gathered is what’s great, not the places themselves. It’s what you go searching out and what you stumble in to are what makes it interesting to me. That said, I was sure to eat at Veselka.

It seems that my move did what it was supposed to: it kicked me out of my rut. Or more aptly, it gave me some new perspectives. So, who knows, maybe we should hang out more NYC?

Veselka has a new mural!

I feel like the New York Ice Cream would be a team I would root for!

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Wanna come build puppets?!?!

Contact for details.

Build is from 5 PM to 9 PM on:

Tue 5/15

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The weeding tool that turns a chore into a joy

I was talking to P.K. a few weeks ago, and they mentioned if they ever have a kid, they would trick them into weeding by offering a bounty on dandelions, because they really didn’t like it.. This week that whole plan got scrapped! They are now REALLY LOOKING forward to weeding. Why? They discovered the Fiskars Stand Up Weeder. And they love it! They say it’s the right tool for the job, and does excellent work, pulling up weeds in a VERY satisfying way… Not the cheapest tool, but one that seems like it is worth the investment.

This Week in Mobility - come for the transportation newsletter, stay for the global perspective.

A friend recommended that I grab a coffee with Anthony Barba when I was in Berlin, and we’ve been in contact ever since! Anthony is the editor of a transportation newsletter that gives an incredibly well curated update on what is happening in the world of what can loosely described as “self-driving.” But, what really keeps me reading is that way it gives me an international perspective of  the world by reading in between the lines. Every week, I am struck by the richness Anthony is able to pull together around “mobility”. It makes me feel like I am reading a serial version of a William Gibson story. - to sign up

Turns out, doing a jam session / karaoke in Stern Grove is REALLY nice...

We met up and played guitar and sang on stage at Stern Grove, and it was a lot of fun. The birds sang back up. We saw raccoons run after each other! Once we realized no one else was coming, we fired up the projector and boombox, a sang along to some karaoke tracks.

Yep, gonna do it again soon! Wanna come along? Let me know!


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