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I work as a freelancer, and I am looking for my next gig. (Thought I had something lined up, but so it goes!)

This means I have some free time this week and maybe next! Let’s do something?

Thanks to Doctor Popular for sending me this link to a contest in Japan where Landscape Contractors compete to build the best gardens in their mini trucks!

Found this on Melodia’s Blog. More on that on the back!

A Note About Anthony Bourdain

I used to be a subscriber to The New Yorker magazine when I lived in NYC, and I remember reading the article by Anthony Bourdain: Don’t Eat Before Reading This, the article that launched his career, as it directly lead to his book Kitchen Confidential, and well...  you probably know the rest about the media empire. I loved that article, and challenge you to stop reading halfway through: the writing is great and really pulls you along. This story also has some interesting tidbits about how that article came into being.

Like so many, Anthony Bourdain had a direct effect on my life: he was the reason I tried my first cheese plate (I thought cheese was American slices, and fancy cheese was cheddar and provolone…), got my first solid knife I could really sharpen (I like Mundial’s), made me interested in fine dining (which introduced me to Restaurant Week, which introduced me to Peter Luger’s, which was the start of the end 15 years of vegetarianism.) I also think there was more than a little of his influence in how I ran the Lost Horizon Noodle Truck. Here’s a photo (by Tod Seelie ) that  I think shows some of the inspiration.

I was also impressed by how he stood up for people: he spoke fondly of all the people/personalities he worked with in kitchens, he published a book of reviews of a columnist after her 2012 review of the Grand Forks Olive Garden went viral and was the subject of internet ridicule, his very public support of Asia Argento and her accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

If somehow this every comes across his consciousness: Anthony, I think you are an asshole for leaving early, like everyone else who leaves early.  But, depression is real. (And if you, dear reader, ever want to talk to someone about struggling with depression, or want to talk with someone about strategies for coping with depression and sadness, let me know.) Thanks for being a filthy mouthed New Yorker who revelled in the dirty complexities of places, people and food, and appreciated those things so much that your really cared how you showed them to the world.

So long, Anthony, and thanks for all the fish I avoid on Monday’s.

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Another recommended brand of clothing for women.

I was out one night, and noticed some ladies all wearing different clothes made of what looked like all the same fabric: a geometric metallic on black.

I asked R.H. about it, and they said that it was Melodia Designs - they started as a brand aimed at the movement community, and then expanded beyond it. The fabric is custom made, and based on Assuit - a textile marrying cotton or linen mesh with small strips of metal.

The clothes looked fantastic, comfortable and liberating to move in.

ARTICLE: Searching for SantaCon, by Sonia Paul in Harper's Magazine

Have you ever wonder who you should blame for SantaCon? And for getting me started throwing my own events? Well, this is the article that names names! With appearances by the Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, John Law and the Doggie Diner heads. I went to one of the first SantaCons in NYC, when it was more pranks than bar crawl, and I sat next to the jolly elf who started all of this. He gave me one of the greatest Christmas gifts I ever got: he gave me “permission” to do my own events. Thanks, “Chad Mulligan”! 

Institute of Illegal Images, AKA the Acid Museum

In San Francisco, Mark McCloud's collection, also known as the "Institute of Illegal Images" is the most comprehensive collection of decorated LSD blotter paper in the world. The house preserves over 33,000 sheets of LSD blotter, treating them like tiny little works of art. Most of the sheets are framed and hanging on McCloud’s walls, decorating the home with vibrant colors and patterns, and the rest are kept safe in binders. Visits are by appointment ony! But you can see a number of the blotters on their website -

My Storage Strategy For Fresh Herbs

I love having fresh herbs on hand - something about it always seems so special. That said, I don’t go through them so quickly. One way that I’ve found to hold on to them is to wrap them in cotton towels, and stick them into plastic containers.

This does two things: it keeps the fridge from drying them out, and keeps the herbs from sitting in moisture on plastic and getting slimy.


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