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I started working on my slide deck! Here is the first one.

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“It’s Like Herding Cats” VS “The Mice Are Over There”

Or, why you didn’t hire sheep in the first place...

“Getting these people to do things is impossible, it’s like herding cats.” I run into this phrase frequently, managing challenging projects full of dynamic people (for both fun and profit). So, I started to take it apart for myself.

Why did we hire cats in the first place? I mean there are plenty of sheep out there who are fun, loyal and wear great sweaters! But, when we hired cats, we knew we were getting: skilled, deliberate, opinionated, sleek, curious, smart, agile. And, they don’t put a lot of effort towards things they aren’t interested in.  

The other question is: why are we trying to herd them? Is there some reason things need to be controlled and everyone needs to be moving as a coordinated group?  Or could things be set up so individuals could be allowed to be as autonomous as possible, but still achieve some sort of goal.

But, here we are: we hired cats. And from that, we can safely assume they were hired them for a reason: to kill mice.

And you’ve seen a cat when it is hunting, right? It is pure focus, attention, motivation and creativity. There is not a lacidascial thing about a cat when it is stalking a thing that it considers prey. The claws come out, and it is all business: going from luxurious pools of liquid fur laying in the sun, to killing machines that are able to leap miraculous heights, rocket across a landscape and decimate their quarry.

So, my current approach when I am leading a bunch of “cats” is to do the equivalent of saying “there is the barn full of mice over there, let me know when you are done” - I don’t even really need to tell them to go kill them. I just point them in the right direction, and let them do what cat’s do. Heck, at that point, I can’t stop them or even slow them down.

To put it in more practical terms, I try to figure out what the “cats” are really good at, in to, and motivated by. And then I get them to do those things. I set up the problems and tasks so that they focus on the talents at hand, and then I ask the “cats” how they want to approach the problem, getting them to provide the steps, goals, timelines and deliverables.  It usually sounds something like: “You’re the expert on this, so I think we should follow your way of approaching this. How do you think we should go about it?”

How about you? How have you gone about working with cats? I’d love to know!

I went to Tahoe, and it was beautiful. Question I keep asking myself: Why don’t I go to Tahoe more?

The joys of having a car with a tape player. Feel free to request one of these the next time you are in my car.

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Thu Aug 2 - Sat Aug 4 -

Gorin Bros Hats Sample Sale - 11AM-6PM, 1749 Union St. SF,CA

One of the best deals for hats!

Aug 6 - I am speaking to the Adventure Design Group! I am planning a few surprises.

Aug 9 - I just got a 1099, WTF?!

Pizza plus how to file quarterly taxes, budget for self-employed taxes, the difference between employees and contractors, business strategy, and more! $59 - At my house!

Aug 18 - Wandering Cricket Night Market - Boston Area LHNM - the longest running LHNM - for details:

Sept 28 - I had a great time at the last Rental Car Rally -  next one is going from Oakland to Tahoe! Wanna go?

October 6 - New York City -

Lost Horizon Night Market - details:

History of the peace symbol

As seen on BoingBoing, I love the simplicity of this!

Joint Venture Kitchen

167 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

I met Doc Pop for lunch one day, and we went here! As The Chronicle put it, it’s a fully equipped restaurant space that will serve as the temporary home to a rotating lineup of Bay Area pop-ups.

The day we went it was Salpicon - the creation of Tamyo Cazares, who spent the last 25 years working in a couple of SF kitchens learning the ropes and felt it was the right time to try to do this on his own. The menu is great! I love the creativity!


3041 Mission St, #116

San Francisco, CA 94110


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