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I Apologize To The Print Readers

But, I’ve been looking into doing a lot of things with animated GIFs...

In a future newsletter, I’ll write WHY I’m researching animated gifs, particularly atmospheric ones. For now, here are some real beauties I came across.


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September 28 - I had a great time at the last Rental Car Rally -  next one is going from Oakland to Tahoe! Wanna go?

October 6 - New York City -

Lost Horizon Night Market - details:

November 3 - Intersections by CODAME -

I’m still interested in hearing back from you on this!

Why were people thinner in the 1970s?

Save you a click: Sugar.  “While our direct purchases of sugar have sharply declined, the sugar we consume in drinks and confectionery is likely to have rocketed” - I’m a big believer in avoiding sugar. I’ve lost weight and gotten a more stable mood. And, I don’t really miss it, or, when I do eat some, I don’t really enjoy it.

What was funny: this song came on SOMA FM when reading the article:

Malibu - D.I.E.T. 

Intersections by CODAME - Nov 3 - Submit work!

In “Intersections,” CODAME showcases work that defies boundaries: Where art meets technology, experiment and play collide, and new media wander curiously in the footsteps of old.

Submit a project.

Events at the Salesforce Transit Center 

I was surprised by the number of events being listed at the newly opened Salesforce Transit Center. I haven’t quite made it there myself, but I am changing that soon. I’m really looking forward to exploring a new piece of urban infrastructure, especially one that has a 4 block park up on the top! Got any tips about the place?

Also: if you want to find out more about events in SF, I have this page:


3041 Mission St, #116

San Francisco, CA 94110


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