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Did someone come back from a certain event in the Nevada desert, and have things that are covered in alkaline dust that doesn’t really come off with water? Wash it with vinegar, and the dust washes away.

Skulls for Sale, Holograms & Brain Interfaces

Or, one of the rabbit holes I went down this week...

Skulls Unlimited - 

Yes, you can buy human skulls on line from what I understand is a reputable dealer. Not only skulls! But also teeth, claws, full skeletons, fossils and “one of a kind” items.  Have extra skulls you want to clear out? Well, you can sell them your skulls! 

I’m fond of this Boston Terrier Skull.

MRI’s to be replaced by Holograms

I found out about Skulls Unlimited by watching this video: -  about replacing MRI’s with holography. (I found out about this while working on You’ve Got My Eyes.) Holography is the field of study of capturing a field of light, which allows you to understand how light scatters. By passing directed light through you, they can unscatter the light and tell you what is in there! Pretty cool.

And then, this comes up:

 Implications are broad for detection and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, internal bleeding, mental diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and beyond - for communication via thought.


With read/write ability - we may be able to upload/download and augment our memories, thoughts, and emotions with a ski-hat form factor, non-invasively.

Wait, telepathy, really?

So, telepathy is transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction. What they are talking about is Synthetic Telepathy, which is nonetheless cool! And, real.

From Carnegie Mellon: Beyond Bananas: CMU Scientists Harness “Mind Reading” Technology to Decode Complex Thoughts.

From Science Mag: Using machine learning to see the pictures you are imagining in your head.

Don’t want to go directly to your brain? How about reading your nerves? - A set of electrodes are attached to the skin of the throat and, without opening the mouth or uttering a sound, the words are recognized by a computer.



K.B, took me to
an amazing car wash with great yard art, and large murals with ocean facts. I thought the chained mermaid was the best part though.

Yep, I made about 2 gallons of slime this weekend for an upcoming project. Such weird stuff. Ever made it? Got any tricks?

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September 28 - Rental Car Rally -  next one is going from Oakland to Tahoe! Wanna go?

October 5 - 7 - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival - - Free Live Music in Golden Gate Park

October 6 - New York City -

Lost Horizon Night Market - details:

October 27 - Puppets fight to the “death”, followed by dance party!

November 3 - Intersections by CODAME -

Dec 1 & 2 - 24 HOURS OF LEMONS - Endurance Racing for $500 Cars -

Tinker Kitchen -

Opening soon: A cooking makerspace in San Francisco for learning and experimenting with food.

Tinker Kitchen is an awesome cooking makerspace with specialized, commercial-grade equipment and hard-to-find ingredients like modernist powders, liquid nitrogen, and more.

Daily and monthly memberships available!

Bicycle Coffee - free coffee on Fridays, and coffee with CBD!

I wandered into Bicycle Coffee on Friday, and ordered a cappuccino. (Yeah, I am back on, but not loving it, so likely going off again…) The person behind the counter sheepishly told me that their drip and cold brew was free on Fridays. I stood fast to the cappuccino order, and they rung me up. But, what a great idea! Rather than do punch cards, just do free coffee!

As I was looking around, I noticed they also had cold brew with CBD in it. I didn’t try it, but was thinking that that it was funny you could get mellow and wired at the same time. The counter person said that people liked it for studying! - Oct 6, 2018

On Saturday Oct 6, 2018, creative folks take on the 24 hour comics challenge: to create a 24 page comic book story, normally months worth of work, in 24 straight hours. Many participants gather at official event sites including comic book stores, schools, and libraries. Others take part in private gatherings, and many work on their own. Find a location!  (Hey NYC - you could throw one!)

Doc Pop usually can be founding holding it down at Mission Comics!


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