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My Favorite Green Sauce Recipe

Or, the secret sauce for winning at serving chips and salsa.

I lived in Atlanta, GA in the 90’s and ate some of the best food of my life. I still think fondly of sitting in the upstairs open air seating of Fellini’s on Ponce, eating a salad and pizza, and enjoying downtown views as the sun went down...

But my favorite restaurant memories were of a burrito place called Tortillas. It was the first real burrito I ate, and I still think it was the best burrito I ever ate. Giant tortillas, slightly overstuffed, and wrapped in foil and baked on top of the oven before they handed them over to you. It was also my first experience of asking for something off the menu: You could ask for them to add potatoes to the burritos. But, the real reason you would go is their green sauce. I remember how friends would walk out with squeeze bottles of it (we’d return the bottles!), and would have gladly bought it if they sold it.

I was crushed to hear that it closed(1)  down(2).

Then I did a bit more digging. Turns out the employees posted the recipes online! (  Now, all the world can have the green sauce we loved so much!

Green Sauce


  • 1 part canned tomatillos,
  • 1 part canned jalapeño slices,
  • fresh cilantro,
  • fresh onion.


  1. Drain the tomatillos
  2. Combine with the jalapeños and their juices. (1 to 1 ratio of tomatillos to jalapeños)
  3. Add diced onion and cilantro and blend in a food processor.  Use cilantro for coloring

This comes out not-too-hot, with really nice citrusy notes, and mostly guaranteed to get eyebrow raises and smiles. And, turns out to be a LOT CHEAPER doing it yourself.

If you are ever over and ask nicely, I may leave a bottle of it out for you, so you can enjoy stealing some yourself...

The Dahlia Garden is in full bloom. Worth a trip!

(not my photo!)

Things are getting creepy at the Puppet Death Match!

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Personally, I welcome our robotic autonomous ice cream truck overlords.

A driverless ice cream truck from Baskin-Robbins Russia, the VendBot, similar to a smart ice cream vending machine on wheels, debuted in Moscow. Customers can order their dessert from a keypad on the side of the vehicle similar to ordering from a vending machine. Avrora Robotics, who made the robot specializes in developing autonomous vehicles for freight transport, industrial farming, and military use. And, ice cream delivery. And floating bars.


Lionel Richie Has Some Bedding to Sell You

Following last week’s newsletter that James Brown had a chain of restaurants, reader A.B. sent along that Lionel Richie has a linen line at J.C. Penny’s. My personal favorite celebrity endorsed product is still the George Foreman Grill...


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