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I saw this car while walking one night. Well, that is one way to get around repainting a car!

On my way home, I spotted this beauty in the loading dock of a self storage place. I love how the floors have a number, color and a landmark!

Funny Story About That...

Or, follow ups from some past newsletters.

Looking through past newsletters, I realized were some follow ups were due!

From Mon September 10, 2018 – Are you down with POPOS?, I wrote about the

Salesforce Park on top of the new Salesforce Transit Center. When I visited, I thought it was lovely, but I had a strange feeling about it. Sort of a “too perfect to be real” feeling. I thought it was going to be something with the fountain that detects the buses, but it turned out to be something much bigger. The terminal is actually 3 buildings, 3 several blocks, that are linked together, by 4 structural beams. Two of those structural beams now have cracks in them. 😱 From a recent article from the SF Chronicle:

The cracks could stem from errors in the manufacturing or fabrication of the girder, its installation or a structural design that placed too much weight on the beams, engineers have said.

Whatever the cause, Gibbons said, it will likely involve adding material — more steel — to the beams — but not removing and replacing them.

“There’s no question they can be fixed in place,” he said.

Whenever something is said with that much conviction, it seems like a jinx.

The NYT’s Q&A is sort of brutal, especially calling out the inferiority of US steel. More details at Architects Newspaper, which is it’s own delightful rabbit hole!

But my favorite scandal around this? a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled that the Transbay Joint Powers Authority [TJPA]—the public body that oversaw the creation of the new Transbay Transit Terminal next to Salesforce Tower—must pay some of Millennium Partners’ legal bills over the fallout from the developer’s sinking building across the street.

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From Mon August 13, 2018 - Your thoughts: A Month of Halloween? - almost all of the replies were an enthusiastic yes! So, um, ah, what happened?

Well, T.S. wrote back and called out how the same holiday creep that I railed against also applies to Halloween, as stores start selling that brand of holiday merchandise in August! And L.T. prompted me to brainstorm what my alternate to Pumpkin Spice would be. I came up with something amazing! But, also way to sugary and addictive. (I will deal with inquires on the subject on a case by case basis.) After a bunch of deliberation, I saw it as a flawed precedent to set, and I need to re-tool the whole idea. I’m toying with an idea of a non-consumerist idea of having a Great Fall, which the comic to the left <--  generally does a great job of showing. Per usual, I’m interested in your thoughts! (And my new beverage idea may be more turmeric based…)

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Low Bandwidth HTML GMAIL

Gmail updated it’s design, and it got more stressful for me. I turned off their “Smart Compose” writing suggestions (it felt like someone kept interrupting me to finish my sentences, mostly incorrectly), and “Nudges” that remind you to reply to an email. I also set the inbox to “display density” to “comfortable” so all the emails with attachments didn’t stick out like sore thumbs.

I was pining for a kindler, simpler Gmail. And then I noticed that I could turn on a Low Bandwidth HTML GMAIL:

I tried it out, and now I’m hooked. It has minimal design which I find easier on the eyes, it is easier to navigate, and  I have to refresh the page to load more messages. It’s great for viewing email. For composing emails, it doesn’t have automatic spell check, and you have to compose messages in plain text, and some of the controls are a bit wonky. So, for more complex emails, I’ll jump to the ‘standard” interface, then jump back to the safe comfort of HTML email!

Email Strategy Cards  

On Oct 9, my buddy Ian Charnas is going to launch a Kickstarterfor his Email Strategy Cards.  (

Email Strategy Cards is a deck of 64 email responses for difficult situations. When you're stuck wondering how to reply to an issue, flip through these genuine, respectful replies for a wide variety of workplace scenarios.

Volume 1 has 4 themes:  Say no, say yes (while balancing your time), bounce (response before you really have a final answer) and defuse difficult situations.

Ian pulled these responses from his real life communications, and are based on a pursuit of “inbox zero”. If you ever catch yourself wondering how to start “that email”, these could be just the nudge you need!


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